Inner Wellness Studio presents a series of yoga workshops to refine and deepen your understanding and practice of Yoga. The workshops will be an immersion into the subtler workings of Yoga. They are suitable for anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge and practice of Yoga and are a must whether you are new to yoga, already practicing or aspiring to be a yoga teacher. 

Venue: Durban Yoga Shala in Musgrave, Durban

Schedule: Saturday's from 3:30-6:30pm on the following dates

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Description of Workshops

Alignment Essentials I - 6/July

This workshop gives you the foundation of understanding the importance of the workings of the feet and the legs in the practice of standing poses. This understanding and practice of standing poses is carried through to all of the other categories of poses. Standing poses develop strength, stability and stamina, which is essential when approaching the intermediate and advanced practices.

Yoga & Ayurveda - 20/July

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences, one completing the other. Ayurvedic knowledge will be learnt that will give you the capacity to find and maintain balance in your physical and mental states. The ayurvedic lifestyle paves the way to fully experience the subtle and holistic benefits that yoga has to offer. Understand how to bridge the wisdom of these two sister sciences.  

Forward Extensions & Twists - 3/August

Understand the essential techniques of seated and standing forward bends that will bring extension, vitality and strength, to the spine and the back of the body. The openness that is gained in the backs of the legs through the aligned and mindful practice of forward bends, becomes a boon for back pain. The therapeutic benefits work deeper than the spine; the nerves and internal organs become relaxed and are energised. The same understanding of extension and expansion is carried into the practice of twists. Twists create flexibility in the spine and help in the toning and rejuvenation of internal organs. Twists compliment and balance the practice of forward extensions.

Alignment Essentials II - 17/August

Further enhance your understanding and practice of the dynamics of the more challenging standing poses. Learn alignment principles and techniques that will allow you to practice demanding standing poses with a greater sense of ease.

Pranayama & Restoratives - 31/August

Learn the art of proper relaxation through a sequence of restorative yoga to restore balance back into your health. Understand how to effectively integrate restorative yoga and pranayama into your yoga practice. Experience the deep healing effect that these practices have on releasing stress and relaxing the nervous system.

Inversion Immersion - 14/September

Energise yourself! Learn the techniques to develop the alignment and upper body strength needed; giving you a stable foundation in which to safely develop your practice of the more active and energising inversions: headstand (salamba sirsasana I), forearm balance (pincha mayurasana) and hand-stand (adho mukha vrksasana). Cultivate your calm; to balance this active asana practice we learn shoulder-stand (salamba sarvangasana I) and variations, for it's therapeutic and sustainable practice.

Sun Salutatios & Ashtanga Yoga Fundamentals - 24/September

Learn the precise dynamic movements that are signature to astanga vinyasa yoga practice. Sun Salutation is a dynamic series of asanas linked with breath, to form the basis of the astanga system. Together with the study of the elements of the Surya Namaskara, we will cover an overview of what makes up the traditional practice of the Primary Series.

The Energetics of Yoga - 12/October

Become aware of the different subtle anatomic systems that are a part of our make up. We will explore the dense energetic nerve plexuses (chakras) and how they relate to the practice of the Yoga postures (asana). Explore how they relate to our health on a physical and also subtle mental and spiritual level.

Master Backbends - 26/October

this workshop we will explore techniques to develop mobility, strength and stability in the shoulder girdle. This understanding and experience will allow you to enjoy and access the inspiring and uplifting benefits of back extensions, also known as "backbends". The refinements in the understanding of your body and mind will allow you to advance effortlessly in the practice of back extensions.


-R400 per workshop*
-2 or more for R375 each*
-All 9 for R3,000 or 4 monthly payments of R775: includes 4 months of unlimited group classes with Diego (July-October)

*All workshop rates include the 3 hours workshop, resources and the weekly group class that follows. 

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Inner Wellness Studio is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP®)