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Group Yoga Classes

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Single & Multi-class packages available.


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Rates are shown on a sliding scale structure, but you may make a smaller or larger contribution according to your capacity.


Single Class

Sustainer (Pays for You)

100 ZAR

Community Rate (Discounted)

50 ZAR*

Supporter (Pays for You & Community)

150 ZAR


4-Class Package

Sustainer (Pays for You)

350 ZAR

Community Rate (Discounted)

175 ZAR*

Supporter (Pays for You & Community)

525 ZAR

*no one will be denied to to funds. If none of these rates are accessible to you, contact us.

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Please note: for one-on-one programs you will need to confirm availability with us prior to making a payment. Payments are non-refundable.


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