Inner Wellness Studio

Durban, South africa



Personalised Wellness Program Design

2 x 60 min one-on-one consultations 

Ayurvedic holistic health classes & assessments to understand your personal needs.

Let’s make a plan for how to create a lifestyle that supports them!


More Details:

Personalised Lifestyle & Nutritional Support : A Customised Approach to Holistic Health An Ayurvedic Holistic Health Assessment and Integrated Nutrition Health Classes will help us better understand your personal constitution and needs. With that foundation we will reflect on your needs and make a plan for how to create a lifestyle that supports them and enhances your potential.  
  • Identify, understand and appreciate your unique constitution and needs to optimally support your health and wellness
  • Mind body constitution analysis: understand your strengths and weaknesses as a means to support your growth and healing
  • Follow-up consultation to continue to inspire your personal best

Read more about some of our other courses & wellness programs here. More will be added soon so stay tuned!

Please note: for one-on-one programs you will need to confirm availability with us prior to making a payment. Payments are non-refundable.


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