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Program Alternatives

Read the description to identify which would best suit you. Can’t make up your mind? Contact Diego directly so that he can help you decide. 

3 Month Integrative  Transformation

6 x 60min one-on-one health mentorship sessions

  • The program is tailored to your personal intentions and challenges in your health and wellness. 
  • A safe space is held for you to realise your wholeness in holistic health. 
  • Be supported to embrace a sustainable and holistic lifestyle, allowing you to transform your relationship with your body/mind, food, and natural health. 
  • Mindfulness will be the core of this program; relating to breathing, eating, cooking, daily routines, relationships and communication, exercise, relaxation, and sleep.
  • Develop nurturing self-care rituals to nourish your sense of peace and well-being. 
  • Two 60min consultations a month 
  • Mentorship to support sustainable change in nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness integrations over 3months 
  • Email support in between meetings
  • Recipes and online books
  • Online resources and notes on holistic health and ayurvedic nutrition 
  • Learn and integrate holistic nutritional knowledge to be empowered to make changes for yourself. 
  • Guided mindfulness practices to facilitate mind-body connection 

Added benefits of the program

  • Discount to online holistic health workshops 
  • Discount on personalised yoga and meditation practices with Diego Baldi 


  • 1 x 90min Whole food cooking course (usually R650) included in the program if you sign up before end of May 2020


R1980 once-off payment 

R780 per month x 3 

An online group program presented as a series of engaging and interactive sessions blending practise with study and reflection –  live from 2nd-30th June.

Program Overview 

Week 1 – Life as Integration 
  • ayurvedic seasonal nutritional cleansing guidelines and self-care techniques 
  • whole-food, plant-based recipes and essential herbal remedies 
Week 2 – Welcoming Ease & Joy 
  • asanas (yogic postures) and kriyas (purification techniques) as a preparatory foundation to receive the benefits of meditation
  • support your physical, mental and emotional immunity; creating space for calm, clarity that will facilitate growth and progression
Week 3 – The Heart of Health & Wellness
  • understand the nature of the mind and how it relates to how you experience anxiety, stress, and other emotions
  • Integrate remedies that will establish presence, so you can healthily respond to those experiences
Week 4 – Uniting Heart & Mind
  • Learn and develop practises that facilitate and support meditation; breathing technique, reflection, and other techniques that help balance physical and mental energy
  • Embrace the opportunity to rest in the stillness within; one that becomes more approachable once we have prepared the mind and body through practise.

Schedule for “Live” Sessions

Participants can attend the live sessions or access the recorded content & resources in our virtual classroom.

5 x Tuesday evenings 6-7.30pm (June 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30)

2 x Friday evenings 5-7pm (June 5 & 19)

Program Cost

We are using a sliding scale structure to make the course accessible to more people. You are welcome to choose the rate that best suits your current financial situation:

Sustainer Rate (regular, pays for you) – 1500 ZAR

Community Rate (discounted, pays for you) – 750 ZAR

Supporter (pays for you and supports community)  – 2,250 ZAR

A Customised Approach to Holistic Health

2 x 60 min one-on-one consultations 

  • Identify, understand and appreciate your unique constitution and needs to optimally support your health and wellness
  • Mind body constitution analysis: understand your strengths and weaknesses as a means to support your growth and healing 
  • Follow-up consultation to continue to inspire your personal best



Yoga & Meditation Practice for Your Unique Needs

1 x 60 min one-on-one holistic health conversation and dosha inquiry session (complementary as part of the package)

2 x 60 min one-on-one consultations and personal tuition 

  • Personlised Yoga & Meditation practise 
  • Create an effective synergy between asana, pranayama, and meditation practices to support you balance and well being



Seasonal Cleanse – Gently Support Your Body’s Natural Healing Capacity

90min one-on-one holistic health workshop on Ayurvedic seasonal cleansing

  • Understand the importance of seasonal cleansing to sustain health and longevity in changing times
  • Self care rituals and lifestyle to create the framework for your cleansing and healing 7 day supportive and gentle whole-food cleanse
  • Whole-food recipes and herbal guidelines to naturally cleanse the body


R650 for 90min personalised cleanse workshop 

R360 for 60 min follow-up session 

Nourish Rejuvenation and Longevity

90min one-on-one personalised ayurvedic workshop

Recommended after completing Seasonal Cleanse course

Ayurveda Rejuvenation – Personalised Workshop

  • After having lightened and cleansed the body through seasonal cleansing, learn to introduce the rejuvenation and longevity practices of Ayurveda
  • These practices build vigor and immunity, deeply nourishing the cells and tissues of the body strengthening our inherent resilience to disease
  • The nourishment of these practices not only hold physical benefits, but form the foundation for prana in the body and mind.

Cost R650.00

Ready to embrace your Inner Wellness while receiving professional guidance and support along the way? Complete the registration form and be sure to mention which programme you’re most interested in.