Kundalini Tantra serves to awaken us to go beyond our physical and mental limitations.

“Kundalini” comes from the root Sanskrit word “kundal” meaning coiled, also relating to a lock or the latent potential of the divine expressing through us.

The holistic framework of hatha yoga refines our physical body and mental faculties establishing a steady and fertile environment to enquirer deeper into the subtleties of our Self.

“Tantra” relates to “weave” and is a system for cultivating the depths of our awareness, for awakening to experience the subtle and expansive potential that is inherent within us all.

With this awareness we then have the insight to recognize that same divine potential within others and create a more harmonious relationship with our communities and to our natural environment. Realizing that humanity and nature are closely and intimately connected, we naturally foster a more kind and compassionate awareness and way of living in harmony. Treating our neighbors and our environment with the same loving kindness that we intent for ourselves.

This outlook of life and dedication gives rise to co-creating, sharing, and experiencing our universal birthrights to be healthy, happy and enlightened beings.

We will be holding a course on Kundalini Tantra Yoga on the 13th and 14th of July, at the beautiful Durban Yoga Shala in Musgrave, Durban.

In these two days we will study the different facets of Kundalini Tantra & Hatha Yoga practises that weave together empowering and embodying action and conscious engagement towards transformation.

We will begin each day with practise and go on to presenting the different facets of Kundalini Tantra - kriya, asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, mantra - and how they relate to the subtle energetic anatomy of Yoga.

You are invited to explore the different ways in which these facets can be included into personal practise and shared with those around you.

If you would like to attend or know more fill out the online registration form and use course code "Kundal".