Continuing Education 2018
Karma Yoga Apprenticeship Program with Diego Baldi
1 October - 1 November* Karma Yoga (donation based) classes- an open platform for the public to have affordable access to the fundamental teachings of yoga. The purpose of this program is to create a space for new teachers who are interested in giving back to the community while refining their teaching skills. *Registration is essential. Limited to a small group only. In addition to “karma yoga” this program is designed for:
  • Professional development for yoga teachers:
  • Refinement of teaching skills and practical teaching experience in a supportive and educational environment.
  • Skills such as observation, verbal corrections, modifications (using props) and hands on adjusting will be explored.
  • Learn from peer feedback and reflections.
  • Etiquette for hosting classes and courses.
  • Learn and teach elements of 4 week introduction for beginners into the field of asana.
  All classes will follow the introductory level guidelines to facilitate a cohesive understanding for this progressive method of teaching. Reading material, self practice and practice teaching sequences will be provided Those interested can:
  1. Observe/assist led classes by Diego or fellow teachers
  2. Lead practical teaching classes of 60 or 90min supervised by Diego
A minimum amount of 2 observation and 1 assisting session to be logged before teaching a class to the public.  Integrating with the Durban Yoga Shala The Durban Yoga Shala will be made available for teachers to register to teach. Observation and assisting opportunities will be available. See available dates below Available Dates for Introductory level I & II syllabus practical classes (supervised by Diego Baldi): Thursdays 4,11,18,25 October & 1 November
  • 6am-7am
  • 10.30am-12pm
Registration Please specify “apprenticeship program” in the form: Teachers doing the apprenticeship program will offer a recommended donation of R400 towards the Durban Yoga Shala

Guruji_iyengar yoga “Yoga gives firmness of body, clarity of intelligence, cleanness of heart.”

Guruji BKS Iyengar