kundalini yoga classes durban

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Classes in Durban

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga Classes as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a technology of self discovery and personal development which enables the individual to reach their ultimate potential. Kundalini Yoga Classes is a action and intention of yoga that has the ability to elevate, inspire and awaken the individual to their own greatness.

Kundalini Yoga is the mother of all yoga’s. Each different form of yoga is a facet of the beautiful diamond, which is kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga is the most inclusive of all yoga practices as it includes all aspects of yoga within its teachings.

Kundalini yoga classes are a dynamic blend of postures, pranayam, mantra, music and meditation, which teach you the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation. Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul. No previous experience in yoga is required for you to achieve results with your very first class.

Kundalini Yoga is also know as the Yoga of awareness. Awareness leads to understanding and understanding gives way to acceptance. When you can accept your self all limitations fade away. All fears, insecurity and self belittlement cease to be. In its place are abundance, hope and the wisdom of your true worth.

Kundalini yoga classes can also offer an approach for those who have limited time to devote to the practice, but who also deserve the rewards of this priceless gift. The practice is easily understood and accessible to beginners to yoga who decide that they need a tool to help them balance out everyday pressures. This is the yoga for the modern human kind. This practice is for our present day dilemma; to feel whole and complete while maintaining day-to-day responsibilities. This sacred technology is greatly needed in this time. It is direct, powerful and simple.

The general pattern of a kundalini yoga class is to awaken and build up pranic energy. This is then guided to the relevant area that you wish to work on and heal. There are over 8.4million kriyas, all designed to deal with the day-to-day challenges we face. There are kriyas for physical issues, such as; digestion, circulation, immune system (disease resistance), lower back problems, glandular imbalances ( stress set for the adrenals and kidneys), menopause, and sexuality problems. There are also kriyas for the mind, to clear confusion, addictions and creative blocks. Additionally there are kriyas to balance the emotions, feel good, dispel fear, to bring about stillness and to attain the ability to accept and forgive.

Meditation is also a very important part of the practice. The meditation process is a lesson in inner awareness. Sometimes the meditation will have a breathing technique (pranayam) to enable the mind to quieten as you turn inwards to the realm of emotions and feelings. At other times there will be a mantra to accompany the meditation. Mantra literally breaks down into ‘mind’ and ‘to vibrate’ A mantra contains a vibration that cuts through the psyche and starts to balance out areas that need attention. This technique shifts many character traits and behavioral patterns that keep us in suffer. When there is a mantra, you may find yourself immersed in the sound. This is the most powerful part of Kundalini Yoga.

When you experience this practice you will find harmony and balanced restored to you, and you will feel within and endless supply of energy and happiness.


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